“Everyone designs who devises courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones.” - Herbert Simon


Innovation design is key to establishing new programs and services that create value for and with those we serve. DesignTufts is a diverse and complementary team of human-centered designers supporting researchers, engineers, administrators, and business developers committed to developing and propelling transformative endeavors that support our community and enhance Tufts’ impact, locally and around the world. Working together, we employ design thinking to mobilize our community’s talents, creativity and unique capabilities to address complex challenges and deliver on Tufts’ best ideas.

Engage our team to broaden, as well as clarify, your understanding of opportunities to be seized and complex problems to be solved.

Learn and practice innovative methodologies from our design thinking toolkit to spur innovative ideas and solve the right problems within your own organization.

Transform insights into game-changing experiences for those you serve, informed by an evaluation of market opportunity and the affordances of technology.

Realize strategic objectives by applying our expertise in service modeling and design to align resources and enable progress on your emerging opportunities.  

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We have many ways to work with you, scaling from single-engagement working session to full business model and application development projects:

Rapid Response Session

In critical moments when you need to achieve clarity or consensus to advance an idea, meet a proposal deadline, or capitalize on a business opportunity, we can help you think through, in real time, the definition, scale, or feasibility of solving a given problem, or unearthing a previously unrealized value proposition.  May include one or more facilitated discovery sessions with stakeholders.

Technology Strategy Consultation

In one or more working sessions, our enterprise architects can help you think through thorny technology application or integration issues.  May include literature review, competitive analysis, business process model notation, road-mapping, and integration diagramming.

Design Thinking Workshop

Learn the fundamental processes and methodologies of human- centered design and bring new tools for the creation of services and products users will love.

Service Enhancement

Engage our team to improve the user experience or service design, or to augment the functionality, of an existing service or application.  May include user research, user journey mapping, low and high-fidelity wire-framing, service blueprinting.

  • Harness inspiration and understanding through our Discovery and Problem Framing Methods
  • Facilitate interactions and collaboration across disciplines, programs, centers, and institutes to uncover new  synergies and remove hurdles.
  • Validate and communicate the power of the idea through rapid prototyping and experimentation.
  • Generate compelling and viable service models and value propositions.
  • Enable solution success through robust business development and planning.
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