How might we leverage data’s strategic advantages while maintaining its integrity?


DiscoverTufts - a TTS Strategic Program - focused on exploring and understanding our data to enable better decision-making.

Key Initiatives

  • Data Science Project in collaboration with the School of Engineering Computer Science Dept using the Hadoop cluster.
  • Launched Stream Project to extract semantic content from public data to find trends and enhance connectivity across Tufts community. The Stream Project aims to combine disparate structured and unstructured publicly available Tufts data, extract semantic content, and find trends and connectivity within Tufts’ communities.
  • Integrated shared Data Lab services in Tisch to enhance support for initiatives such as DISC. The Data Lab is coordinating shared services with Tisch Library Research & Instruction and Scholarly Communications & Collections and TTS Research Technology, Business Intelligence & Data Strategy teams to provide a more a an improved and more seamless experience for the Tufts community around data intensive teaching and research.
  • Designed and piloted Next-Generation Data Infrastructure, enabling the community to work with any type of data at scale. Next Generation Data Technology architecture: Created and guided the work of the Data Technology Working Group, which resulted in the design of the Next Generation Data Technology architecture. This technology architecture will be an important step forward for Tufts, allowing students, researchers and administrators to work with any type of data, at any scale employing any type of computation. We are now in the process of building out this technology stack.
  • Updated key Information Stewardship and responsible use policies to facilitate appropriate access to data. The Information Stewardship Subcommittee completed its comprehensive review of the Information Stewardship Policy and its three related policies that govern data, use of information systems, and employees’ roles and responsibilities. Changes include:
    • A strong emphasis on the high value of data as a University resource
    • Recognition of the critical importance of privacy and confidentiality of information
    • Simplifying data classifications from four overlapping categories to three categories of Restricted, Confidential and Public data
    • Establishing new roles of a Data Governance Council, Data Authorities, and Data Authority Delegates to facilitate decisions about shared data access and use
    • The next steps are review of the policies by the CIO Council and the IT Steering Committee
  • Launched Data Strategy Advisory Group tasked with providing oversight for the implementation of the Tufts Data Strategy. More specifically, this group is closely involved in the creation of the Data Governance processes which will allow Tufts to get maximum value from the data it collects with minimal risk.
Contact Information
Larry Thomas, Director
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