Strategic Projects

Keep up with key transformational technology projects at Tufts, including statuses, timelines, impacts to the community and more.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Project

The Identity and Access Management (IAM) project is a multi-year project that is currently in the discovery phase and will replace the existing IAM systems. The main goals of the project include:

  • Modernizing our identity program​

  • Reducing onboarding and account administration challenges​

  • Allowing for personal agency​

  • Identifying and addressing pain points​

  • Designing a sustainable solution – 10 years out​

  • Avoiding implementation of a monolith solution; agile approach​

Learn more about the IAM Project.

Business Transformation (Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP) Project

The Tufts Transformation Program is about fundamentally shifting the way we work to focus on providing excellent service to customers. By transforming with new processes, modern tools, and automation,  we enable our staff, faculty, and students to interact with HR, Finance, Payroll, Procurement, and TSS in new ways.

People Process Culture


Learn more about the Business Transformation (ERP) Planning Project.

Data Management Strategy: Implementing the Denodo Data Platform

TTS is focused on a multi-year project to improve Tufts ability to get and use data. Our purpose is to provide the data and tools necessary for the University to operate smoothly. 

Tufts is implementing the Denodo Data Platform which gives TTS the flexibility to evolve our data strategies by providing:

  • An abstraction layer across all enterprise data assets. A single pane of glass.
  • Virtualized data access capabilities
  • Semantic modeling capabilities reveals the relationship between entities and makes the data easier to understand
  • An excellent user experience
  • Smart query capabilities
  • Seamless security and governance
  • A Cloud ready, data services layer

Learn more about the Data Management Strategy: Denodo Data Platform Project.